Turkish Meals


Turkish Meals

Turkish Meals

Adiyaman Mobility. 4th Day

Our last day in Adiyaman has been plenty of new experiences and time for discover new places in this amazing country. Our day has started at school receiving our certificates of assistance. Later we have departured to the Atatürk Dam the biggest one in Europe. It was really amazing!. Finally we have traveled to Şanlıurfa, to visit the Fish Lake. A enormous garden where the legend says that Abraham was killed by fire. According to the legend, the fire becomes a lake and the wood becomes fishes. A really nice place plenty of big and sacred fishes.

The day after we departured to our own countries. An exciting and emotional good bye at the airport demonstrated the strong links created between our students during these days.

Adiyaman Mobility. 3rd Day

Today we have had a meeting with the Local Authorities to share with them our opinions about this lovely, warm and kind country. Before the meeting, teachers have made a work-session to evaluate the mobility and the activities recently ended. After the meeting with the authorities a bit of free time and at 16:ooh gone for a pic-nic.

We have arrived to an amazing green zone next to Adiyaman, plenty of pine trees, fresh air and tasty meat. Our partners have offered us a typical barbacue in this bucolic area and our students have enjoyed a lot eating and playing with the ball. In fact, we have felt so comfortable that we have finished almost at 22:00h.

Adiyaman Mobility. 2nd Day

Today has been a very exciting day. We have started our journey visiting the City Museum of Adiyaman to learn  about its important History. Later we have walked to the city center, we have visited a Mosque near the museum and we have explored the zoco in  Adiyaman.

After lunch at school we have climbed to Nemrut Mountain, the most important archeological area in this region and has been declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. We have felt the History that those amazing ruins hide inside them. Furthermore  we have enjoyed taking pictures to the incredible heads of ancient gods.

Finally we have had dinner beside the Euphrates in Khata near to Atatürk Dam. A very tasty fish has ended this special day, plenty of History and marvellous experiences that we will always keep in our hearts.

Adiyaman Mobility.1st Day.

We all, Italian and Spanish crew, have arrived to Adiyaman in the same flight at 11:50. Our beloved Turkish partners were waiting to us with wellcome signs and very happy of meeting with us. Firstly we have visited the school and they have invited us to a nice lunch. Later, some free time to know the hosting families and rest a bit, because we have had a long trip from our countries to Adiyaman.

At night we have been surprisedd with a marvellous wellcome party with live music played by the school students. We have shared and enjoyed a delicious home made dinner, with music and dancing typical from Turkey. Moreover we have been interviewed by local TV to speak about our experience in Adiyaman.

Everything is perfect and we thanks to the Turkish teacher the magnificent wellcome event that they have organised. Look at the pictures and enjoy as we did it.