L’Eglantino do Lemouzi Zoé Mézerette

L’Eglantino do Lemouzi                              English Version

To marry your daughter, Miss,
I have well the honor to pull my derby hat.
See, the young light flame,
The more proud of Glandon’s boys
With the derby hat.


And my name is Toine
And I come from  Glandon.
Look at me I am elegant
When I have my walking-stick
And my derby hat.
All the village’s people
Say I am happy,
And my name is Toine
And I come from Glandon.

Your daughter does not want to go on the straw.
I fully agree; she can come to our place.
Near Glandon in my small hut,
I shall there be good, very happy, loving,
Next to pigs.

We will grow beautiful leeks,
Our hens will lay big eggs

And the young, will have us a brood.

 With have chicks we will have some

With a derby hat.




 L’Eglantino do Lemouzi                   Version Patois (Vieux Français)


Per damandar vòstra filha, Madama,

I’ai bien l’ònor de tirar mon melon.

Visatz, pitits peta-fuòc peta-flama,

Lo pus fiaron daus garçons de Glandon

Emb lo chapeu melon.


Recorson :


E ieu me ‘pele Toana

E ieu sei de Glandon.

Visatz coma sei crane

Quand i’ai ma cana

E mon chapeu melon.

Tots los gents dau vilatge

Disen que sei uros,

E ieu me ‘pele Toana

E ieu sei de Glandon.


Vòstra filha vòu pas ‘nar sur la palha.

Sei bien d’acòrd ; ‘la pòt venir chas nos.

Pres de Glandon dins ma pita cabana,

L’i sirai bien, bien uros, amoros,

À costat daus ganhons.




Faram venir de la brava porada,

Nòstras polas pondran de gròs cacons

E daus pitits ‘n auram ‘na possinada.

Siran nascuts au joyeux mermilhon

Emb d’un chapeu melon.




Eglantino Do Lemozi 










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