Chestnuts in the Limousin Julie Ferron

Chestnuts in the Limousin

Marseille fans indicates
Fig with just pride;
Niort praised his angelic
Fishing is famous Montreuil!
The good Normand Apple is expensive,
As in Burgundy grapes.

But I prefer these fruits
Chestnuts Limousin.

We see all the tables,
In our king himself is using it;
The poor is the comfortable,
As the rich dessert.
Sister of our potato
It owes you what beautiful refrain:

Yes I like all fruits
Chestnuts Limousin.

O Brive your brilliant plain
Had to make more than one jealous.
Our eye slowly walks there,
As the Maine and Anjou.
Your place is marked in history
If you plant on your land,

Chestnut that the glory
Upper and Lower Limousin.

Everything is sad in our cottages
And in the plains and the mountains,
When the mists severe
Our chestnuts are infertile,
Is that the gifts of nature,
The spinach until grapes

Nothing can argue I swear
Chestnuts Limousin.

And when our mountains
Scarcity arises,
In the city, in the countryside,
We only hear screams and sighs.
But divine providence
Soon banished grief,

Giving to hunt famine,
Chestnuts in Limousin.

Guillot, sad, said to his wife:
– How to pay property taxes!
Joy our neighbor swoons
If he sees at home, enter the bailiff.
– What you do not know how you do it?
Meets Jeanne, clapping,

Fill these bags and’re going to sell
Our chestnuts Limousin.

But when the merciless time
Has seen my days fade,
O Vienna, your bank amiable
I keep remembering,
And if ever a crown
Should adorn my brow serene,

It is the tree that gives
Chestnuts Limousin.


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