Christmas in Murcia

Well here again by this time I arrived a bit late to upload this bolg hopefully excuse me and already thank you very much for reading this.

Christmas in Murcia are very nice and I personally really like the city because it is dressed in light colored streets and above all is the atmosphere created that makes every Christmas special.
Gran vía
Well I leave you finally a traditional Spanish song entitled: Green eyes. Hope you like.

Rests on the hinge of the brothel,
encenderce watched the night of May.
Men passed
and I smiled,
my door until you stop the horse.
Serrana give me candela
and I said Gache.
Oh look
and get me my lips
and I’ll fire you.
You let the horse
fire and gave you
and were two green stars of May your eyes pa ‘me.
Green eyes,
as green,
Green as green wheat
and green, lime green
. Green eyes, green
Bling knife
that have been in my heart clavaito
. Pa me and no soles,
star, or moon,
There is more to life that my eyes are.
Green eyes, green as
Green as green wheat
and green, lime green.

We saw from the fourth day awakening,
and ringing in the tower dawn sailing.
You left my arm when the morning
and in my mouth a taste of mint and cinnamon.
Serrana for a dress I love giving.
I told you is fulfilled,
not have to give me nothin.
You raised the horse
you left me,
and never another night
cutest May have returned to live.

This is the end of my second blog `Christmas in Murcia´ I hope that you have enjoyed it. I see you soon.  Kisses.


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