Berivan Yapıcı

My name is Berivan Yapıcı. I’m 16 years old. I was born is 1997 in Adıyaman. I’m studying at Adıyaman Anatolian High School. My father is a teacher and my mother is a housewife. I have a brother and three sister. I have brown eyes and long wavy fair hair. I am medium height. I like going out with my friends, listen to music and to write and read poetry. I don’t like doing gossip..

I want to introduce Adıyaman to you!
 Adıyaman is located in Turkey’s Southeast Anatolia. The population is about 600.000. Adıyaman is an important city in history. Adıyaman has a lot of historical artifacts. The world’s 8th the wonders of Mount Nemrut in Adıyaman. As well as Cendere Bridge, Karakus Hill, Adıyaman Castle, Perre Ancient City, Atatürk Dam in Adıyaman. Besides Adıyaman is famous for it’s folk dances and tobacco. It’s has a rich menu of local food. Adıyaman is calm, small and advancing a city. Adıyaman is suitable for farming.

I think Adıyaman is worth for seeing a city..


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  1. Thanks, Berivan

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