Christmas in Florence

The History of Panettone

The Panettone was born in Milano in 1200 as bread enriched with: baking pauder, honey, maisins  and pumpkin.

There are a lot of legends on the Panettone. One of them says that in 1400 Ughetto son of the leader Giacometto of Atellani fall in love with the young and beautiful Adalgisa. Daughter of the confectioner and in order to stay close to her he pretended to be confectioners by creating bread rich in butter, eggs, sugar and candid orange.

The duchess Beatrice, wife of Ludovico il Moro, moved by the love of the two young people. Helped the young boy to marry her lover.

The cake had such a success that everybody wanted to buy the famous “ PAN DE TOM”.

There is another legend too that says that on Christmas Eve, at the Court of the duke Ludovico, the cook was preparing a special cake but during the baking it burnt  . The cook was desperate and the servant Tom helped him telling him to serve the cake that was called “ PAN DE TONI” .

Many famous people have been found of this cake.


75 gr of baking powder

180 gr of flour

45 gr of sugar

85 gr of water

45 gr of butter

2 yolk

90 gr of flour

8 gr of honey

110 gr of raisins

4 gr of salt

2 gr of malt

1 vanilla


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