Reasons to visit Turkey (Hasan Ekinci/Adıyaman)

Natural Beauty:

Turkey has really great natural beauties. If you like climbing, surfing, parachuting you can use this reason to visit Turkey 🙂


Denizli Pamukkale

A wonderful place: ‘Pamukkale’. I can not describe how beautiful it is. You must see there…


Kaz Mountains

It is between Çanakkale and Balıkesir.  It is absolutely wonder of nature. When you see the photos you will agree with me 🙂


Alaçatı İzmir

İzmir is especially famous thanks to its wonderful sea and their beautiful girls 🙂 You can visit İzmir even just see sporting activities.

Photos from İzmir:

Nevşehir Cappadocia

A different natural and historical beauty Cappadocia ‘Peri Bacaları’ 


And some other natural beauties: Uludağ, Floating Islands, Van Lake…


Historical Beauty:

Adıyaman Nemrut Mountain

It is abolutely wonderful place because it was built in 62 BC but even now if want to build it you have to spend centuries. Still nobody knows how it was built. If you ask me I think it was made by genies. 🙂


I hope you like…  I will add more places… Adıyaman Hasan Ekinci –


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