Muhammed Güven-The Crossroad of Civilizations:ADIYAMAN


Hello, my name is Muhammed and my nickname is Momo.

Greetings from Adıyaman,Turkey.Adıyaman is in the South east  of Turkey.Every year many tourist come to Adıyaman from all over the world to visit the historical places of Adıyaman.There are lots of historical places,such as Mount Nemrut,which is one of the eigth wonders in the world.In 1987,Mount Nemrut was made a World heritage site by UNESCO.

My school is in the city  center.It has 50 teachers.My friends are from different cultural and social backgrounds.My friends are selected students.We would like to be a part of a Comenius Project to share and live the differences and beauty of Europe.

My Ideas(About This Projects)


*Understanding the diffrences and similarities between cultures.

*Let’s share  an live the differences and the beauty of our world!

*To motivate students,improve English,break communicative barriers,learn about other schools and compare the diffrences.

*Clothing and culture.

*Historical and natural beauties in our region.

*Love and Respect(I think this is very important)

Limoges Photos

Dosya:Limoges Mairie.jpg


Dosya:Limoges St-Etienne cathedral.jpg

Dosya:Heraldique blason ville fr Limoges.svg

Dosya:Gare des Bénédictins.jpg


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