Hasan Ekinci/Adıyaman

      Hi from Adıyaman, my name is Hasan Ekinci. I live in Turkey/Adıyaman. To visit France I have been told I should introduce myself and my city,  and I am trying this (may be i can make some mistakes sorry for them my English is not very good)

     We live in a little city, but i am not disturbed because of this.In fact i can say i like to living in little cities.I am afraid of living in big cities, because there are a lot of people so people may feel themselves unimportant among so many people. But in cities is like Adıyaman i think people’s relationship is stronger than  big cities. And it is important for me.

A Photo About Adıyaman


     Arround my city there is no sea. Just in Adıyaman there are a little stream and some dams. So swimming is luxurious activity for our people. I like swimming so much. But unfortunately i can go swimming just on holidays. 

      İn a normal day we (like me students) go to our school from 08.00 to 16.00 after school we need to take a rest as you know. Some days in weekdays we go to classes after school so our social time is very  limited. For example; some times after school and classes we go playstation with our friends. This is only activity that we do on weekdays.

A Photo About Our School Adıyaman Anatolian High School;

(Yes! There is an oil well :)…)


So when i heard about the visit to France i thought it would be funny and interesting actually it would improve my English and it would be a good expreince for my education and for my life.


İf you want to talk with me you can add: facebook.com/cwhasanekinci


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