Ahmet from Adiyaman

Hi! I’m Ahmet from Adiyaman/Turkey. I’m 17 and I’m studying at Adiyaman Anatolian High School at 11th grade. I really like learning different languages. However, because of it’s so hard to learn a foreign language in Turkey I only know Kurdish(native language), Turkish(fluently) and English(advanced). I want to study linguistic at university. If I will be able to study linguistic I will learn 3 languages(French, German, Japanese) more at university.
I want to travel all the world when I finish university. Because I want to learn about every culture, every nation and every place. There is a Turkish motto about this. “Knowledge isn’t study hard, knowledge is travel a lot.” I think this motto is absolutely true so I want to travel all the world and I want to start my trip with France! :))
I believe that this project will provide fusion of different culture people, different nation people, different religion people and it will provide brotherhood between people. Thanks people who prepare this project. I hope we can meet face to face, too. Take care, greetings from Turkey.
To talk more if you add me I will be glad: facebook.com/ahmetkarabag02

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