Christmas in Spain

Hello,I’m Teresa from Murcia and I’m going to tell you Christmas traditions in Spain and in my family.
In my view, Christmas is the most special holiday because we meet our family.
There are also three things, which make Christmas special: the Belen, the villancicos and the Christmas sweets.
With this, we remember Jesus birth. It is composed sculptures, the main ones are Jesus, Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary; there are more sculptures like the shepherds, the sheeps or the Three Wise Men with their camels.

Are Christmas songs relatated with Christmas and Jesus birth.

As I said before Christmas is very special because we meet our family; we meet them in several days:
It’s 24 December; this day we have dinner with our families. In my family is typical sing villancicos after dinner while my mum plays the guitar. Lot of people go to the church at twelve o’clock, this is called Misa Del Gallo.

It is the 25 December. In the morning, I usually go to the church and after i go to have lunch with my family.

It’s the 31 December, the last day of the year.
This day I have dinner with my family and when it’s twelve seconds to twelve we eat twelve grapes, one each second while a bell rings.
After the grapes there’s a party where we dance and sing until early morning.

This day I have dinner with my mum’s family in my grandparents house and after dinner we eat Roscón de Reyes and chocolate.

The Three Wise Men bring us presents in our houses. This morning I have breakfast with mi dad’s family and we have churros with chocolate.

This is the Christmas in Spain, Merry Christmas to everybody!


4 Responses

  1. Thank you very much Teresa. Your writing and pictures are interesting and informative. As Turkish school, we will share your information with our students in our school.

  2. I could not understand… Why is christmas very important for you ? Is it about just religion or does it have another reasons? Hasan Ekinci/Adıyaman

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