I’m Serena

My name’s Serena, I’m sixteen years old, I live in Florence.
I’m not very tall, I have short brown hair, I’ve blue eyes and I’m very extrovert; in fact I would like to travel in the world to know a lot of people!.
I go at high school Galileo Galilei, It is a social science school.
I chose this school because I like psychology and stay with children; from this year we’ll go to elementary school to teach children who are six,seven,eight,nine and ten years old.
Beside this I like dance very much; I started when I was seven years with classic dance since when I was eleven years old, at twelve years old I practiced one year of hip-hop dance, at thirteen, fourteen and fiveteen years old I did modern dance and now I practice classic and modern dance.
I’ve three older brothers…much older! The youngest is Andrea and he’s twenty-eight years, the second is Alessandro and he’s thirty-one years old, he has a daughter: Greta, my small niece, she’s only seven months.
The oldest is Marco, he is thirty-four years old and he is going to have a little son!.


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