Hi! My name is Cassandra, I’m 16 years old . I’m tall and I’ve got blonde short hair and blue eyes.
I like reading and writing book, I like playing the keyboard and I love acting.
Two year ago I acted in “Promessi Sposi”, I was Lucia Mondella.
I enjoyed myself so much!.
I’ve got a boyfriend, Jacopo; we are together since nine months and I love him.
I like spending afternoon or evening with my boyfriend or friends.
My best friend is Fabio, we have known since one years.
My best friend is Elena, we have known each other since three years.
My family is very big, is composted by my mother, my father and my 3 brothers, Cesare, Fausto and Daniele.
I’ve got some animals: one dog, Camillo, and one rabbit, Nina.
Some years ago I had a guinea pig, Didì, I really loved her, but it has died…I miss her.
Guinea pig are my favourite animals.
I love travelling, in fact I went to Greece, Sardinia, Sicily, Croatia, Val d’Aosta and another countries.
My dream is to become an actress.


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