Murcia from my point of view

Hi everyone. In this post, I’m going to talk about Murcia and its people, to prepare you for your future visit.

Murcia is a city from Spain,  near the mediterranean coast. It was founded near the eight twenty-five A.D., and it was called “Mursiya”. The founder was Abderraman II, who even has a statue near the center of the town.

In those times, they built walls to protect the city. Nowadays, the old walls there were are very famous. There is a museum where you can see them.

But coming back to the present, the most visited places (streets, squares…) are:

Santo Domingo square:

Santo Domingo is a square placed exactly in the  center of Murcia. It’s next to Alfonso X and the Romea Theatre.

The Romea Theatre: 

If you’re lucky enough to be in Murcia soon, you’ll be able to see the front of the theatre, which a few time ago was covered.

Another important place is “La Glorieta de España”. It’s a very big square, and it’s very beautiful:

Currently, there’s a corner in this square where some guys practice skateboarding. I recommend you to go, there’s a good

feeling in there: 

Now I think I’ve talked enough about the most common places. Let me introduce you the best food from Murcia.

I think the very best food in here, mostly for cloudy days, are “migas”, they’re DELICIOUS:

Also we’ve got the “paella”, but some people say it’s most from Valencia. The paella from Murcia has more vegetables:

Also, a not so popular food in Murcia is the “Wheat Stew”, or “Guiso de trigo”. It may not sound very well, but I really like it:

Now, I will tell you the best dessert. I think you’ll taste the other ones when you come to Murcia:

The “Paparajotes”. They’re lemon-tree leaves covered by a sweet dough. Something like these:

Ok, finished the food, let’s talk about celebrations and traditions in Murcia:

At Christmas, the city is involved by lights:
And there’s also a “lighting festival” in the cathedral:

Then, it comes the celebration of the Easter. It’s very special in Murcia, because when it finishes, the “Spring celebrations” begin, so we’ve got two big celebrations together.

In Easter, there are a lot of parades, exactly 7. The most wonderful is the one called “Los Salzillos”.  It’s celebrated on Friday morning:

When Easter finishes, comes the “burial of the sardine”.  During a week, people eat in public barracks, where they can enjoy the tipical food in Murcia:

On Saturday it’s the “Burial of the sardine”, with a big spectacle at night, in which some men, called “sardineros”,  give the children toys:

The last thing i want to talk about is “la huerta”. It’s an area of countryside outside Murcia, along the Segura river, where are grown any tipe of fruits and vegetables. Since ever, Murcia has been famous thanks to the growing of the best lemons in the world.

Long life to our “huerta”.


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