MURCIA, a great city.

Written by Berta Pedreño Reverte

Hello! I am a Maristas student. Iam fifteen years old. My school is situated in what we know as the “Paseo del Malecón”.

I think Murcia is the most beautiful city in Spain and I will explain you why.

The city of Murcia is situated in the South East of Spain. It enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

The city is perfect for walking.

The people of Murcia know to welcome visitors.

Murcia is a city full of squares and gardens. The squares of la Glorieta, Santo Domingo, el Cardenal Belluga, la Plaza de las flores, Santa Isabel,etc., are all cheerful and welcoming spaces that invite us to taste a coffe or a tapa.

The square of “Las flores”.

The square of “Belluga” at Cristhmas.


In Murcia, the “tapeo” is an art.

The typical Murcian dishes are:

“Pastel de carne”

“Pastel de cierva”

“Ensalada murciana”




Murcia is a festive and happy city. The most important are:

  • Easter: the handing out of sweets, boiled eggs and buns turns de Murcian Easter into something unique and different from others. A lot of “Pasos Procesionales” are make by the Murcian sculptor Salzillo.

  • Spring Feasts:

–       “Bando de la Huerta”: it is the Murcian feast by excellence.It is always celebrated on the first Tuesday after Easter and it opens the Spring Feasts. During the days before the parade, the groups or “peñas” of huertanos, mount their famous “barracas”, where you can find the traditional Murcian dishes.

Most of the Murcian population dresses up with the typical local clothing and stroll throgh the city´s all day long.

“Bando de la Huerta”

I hope you come and, if you do, we will enjoy Murcia togheter.


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