Murcia (by Esther)

Written by Esther Rodriguez Rojo

Murcia isn’t a very large city. There are about 442203 inhabitants. Murcia is in the southeast of Spain. Passes through this city the river Segura which is usually not very mighty. Murcia has different monuments and pretty streets for example baroque cathedral in the center of Murcia, the Romea Theater, the casino, Salcillo Museum, Plaza de Santo Domingo, Traperia, or the Carmen district.

The Murcia region is made up of different municipalities as Caravaca, Yecla, Jumilla, Lorca, Cartagena, Cieza, Murcia, San Javier, San Javier etc.

The province of the region of Murcia has a beautiful coastline formed by the Mar Menor the murcianos where there are going to spend the summer.

The most famous festival is in Easter. Processions are very different to those of the rest of Spain. Nazarenes usually give them candy to people who go to see the procession. And in the week after Easter is celebrated the week of the spring which all the people celebrated his origin in the Bando de la Huerta. People dress and leave their houses to eat with friends and family

In Murcia celebrated the burial of the sardine, is a cavalcade, in this cavalcade give present to the children and when he has finished passing through the city burns sardine.

Murcia is very known in Spain for his `huerta` because it produces lots of vegetables sold throughout Spain.

The typical ingredient is tomatoes and peppers and a very typical dish is meatloaf and zarangollo.


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