Murcia, my town

Hello, my name is Teresa and I’m from Murcia (Spain).
Teatro Romea
Murcia is a city placed in southern Spain. It’s is a very beautiful city with lots of interesting monuments and buildings like the Cathedral, the Romea theatre and different churches. The most famous church is Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno, which is next to Salzillo’s museum. Salzillo was a famous sculptor who had lived here from 1707 to 1783; he is famous because his religious sculptures.Museo Salzillo

In my opinion, the best thing of Murcia is that is near to the beach and to the mountains too. Therefore, if you want to go to any of those places, the journey to arrive there is very short. However, the worst thing is the weather because in summer the temperature can reach more than 40 degrees.Mar Menor

Vegetable gardens, pork meat and seafood influence Murcia’s gastronomy. The most typical plate is the paella with seafood but there are many typical plates like michirones, zarangollo or meat pie. The typical desserts are paparajotes and buñuelos.Paella
In spring, we have two holiday weeks. The first one is the Holy Week, each day some people wear themselves with a tunic and they cover their face; in the afternoon, they go on a procession. This is very typical in Spain but in Murcia, we give sweets to everybody.Semana Santa

The next week is the Spring Week, on Tuesday, everybody is dressed with the typical clothes, this day we go out with our families and friends and on Saturday, there is a parade where there are many floats.Bando de la HuertaEntierro de la Sardina

All this things are the best of Murcia!


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