Hi again guys! Hope you liked my post! 😀

But.. this post is to give my opinion abut my dear city, the other was for you to know something about her culture. Well, I live in Murcia, you know. Mi city doesnt have much relavance compared with world major powers, but for me, it’s very important. When you want to speak about your city is important to know it, to feel it and to live it, you must love your origins.

So… Im going to talk about life in Murcia.

Murcia has a family ambient, our neighbors are very nice. Most of us are humble people who want to help in whatever it takes necessary, and Maristas students, are educated to be honest citizen. We are friends of our friends and we welcome who wants to join us.

We are looking forward to your arrival with open arms and heart.

Murcia is a nice place to go out with friends and have a great time, and I want you to live that beautiful experience with me. We will try to make you feel great with us, ‘the murcianicos’.

When you come you will understand everything, now just wait for the moment.

With love, Carmen Marina. XXX


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