Written by: Carmen Marina Tojeiro Andúgar, 3ºF. SPAIN

Hi everyone!  I’m a third-year secondary student, and I’ll tell you about my city, Murcia. I want to emphasize its gastronomy, its history, and culture. What about you? (;

Let’s start with the gastronomy:

– The garden offers excellent vegetables and fruits. Between vegetables highlight fresh beans with onions, dry beans, the garlic shoots, whether in scrambled, fried or omelet with spinach, chard in almond sauce, the ‘zarangollo’, tender beans accompanying the meats or sausage , as a starter or reinforcement; artichokes with pine nuts, roasted peppers in salad, cauliflower, green beans, artichokes or peppers, essential elements to prepare rice with vegetables.

-Rice with designation of origin of Calasparra with rice that are made of all kinds, such as Rice with rabbit and snails, Rice with ‘magra and costillejas’ or ‘Caldero’.

– As for the dessert and pastries, include the excellent local fruits like peaches, oranges, strawberries, pears, apricots and all sorts of Mediterranean fruit. The pastry is represented by ‘Tocino de cielo’, ‘Yemas de Caravaca’, ‘Mazapán de Moratalla’, ‘Cabello de Ángel’, ‘Tortada Murciana’, and the most important, ‘Paparajote’.

Image ImageImageImage Image

Culture and history:

The History of the town of Murcia is complex, rich and long, leading rigged in many periods of the whole of the Region of Murcia.

The duality between field and orchard is a constant throughout the history of the municipality of Murcia and determined human settlements in the districts located in two geographic areas.

The Romans established the forerunner of the current capital of the Segura and the Arabs own personality endowed in 825.

It was the people who made flourish Muslim hamlets at the confluence of the rivers Segura and Guadalentín, where he formed the Huerta de Murcia which gave prosperity to the city.

In the thirteenth century Alfonso X the Wise reconquered Murcia, Castilla including it. The medieval Christian Murcia attended church building and trade associations.

But the history of the municipality of Murcia is also stigmatized by disasters caused by epidemics, droughts and floods that have plagued various periods of its history of real demographic and economic crises.

The eighteenth century Murcia is starring three figures of unquestionable personality: Luis Belluga and Moncada, Count of Floridablanca and Francisco Salzillo, the great Baroque sculptor Murcia.

There are lots of different buildings in the town, like our school, in the ‘Malecon Avenue’; ‘La Catedral’, ‘La Glorieta’ or ‘The Salzillo Museum’, All these, bathed in the Segura river.

In recent times, the Municipality of Murcia has experienced dramatic population growth, which has placed it as the seventh most populous of Spain.


This region boast over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, and its coastline is bathed by the warm waters of two seas. In fact, its coast is known as the Costa Cálida (the balmy coast), and is home to endless beaches and small coves which offer multiple options for leisure, sports and well-being.

One of the most attractive areas is La Manga del Mar Menor, the ideal destination for relaxing and enjoying the sea and the activities in its marine resort. You’ll also find long white sandy beaches such as those of San Pedro del Pinatar; unspoilt coves such as the ones in Cartagena, curious landscapes such as the rock erosions of Mazarrón, or fishing towns such as Águilas.

The region is also known for its wide range of wellness and beauty centres. Many of its beaches are considered open-air spas, due to the hyper-saline waters of the Mar Menor, and its therapeutic mud.


We also have spectacular tipic celebrations like ‘El Bando  de la Huerta’, ‘La Semana Santa’, ‘El Entierro de la Sardina’…




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