My city: Murcia

Hi everyone, my name is Francisco José Vigueras Ruiz, I am in the third year of secondary school in Maristas college, Murcia.

I would like to talk to you about Murcia and its culture.

Murcia is a nice city situated between Alicante and Almeria near to the Mediterranean coast in the southeast of Spain.

Murcia has got very fertile soil, so it’s very good for growing fruit and vegetables.

It’s also got a river called the River Segura that is 325 km long, but it hasn’t got a lot of water because it doesn’t rain a lot and the weather is very hot.

In Murcia there are a lot of good beaches on the East and South coasts, the principal beaches are Mazarrón, Lorca, La Manga and the Mar Menor.

Here there is an excellent choice of food and and also there are a lot of interesting places to eat. You can go to tapas bars or restaurants, you can stay in rural houses or Hotels.

The weather is so nice it’s one of the best places in Spain to enjoy the sun. A lot of the local people enjoy going out to meet friends, eat in the local bars.

And visit a lot of interesting places in Murcia: the nicest places to visit are around the old town area, the cathedral, the local museums, the galleries, the local family shops, the old cinemas…

Finally I’d like to say that you you’re always welcome here and I hope you enjoy your holiday here.


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