Limoges is a municipality of the South-west of France, located in the area of the Limousin in the department of Haute-Vienne.

Description :

Limoges is a town of average size, where 150.000 inhabitants live. It is the capital of the Limousin. It is in Limoges that you can find the most beautiful porcelain, famous in the world,as well as enamel workshops and stained glasses. Limoges is crossed by the river Vienne. Our city offers a splendid town centre .

Its historical buildings : Limoges is a town of art and history. It has beautiful buildings :

Saint-Etienne’s Bridge 

The Town Hall


The Cathedral

The “Bénédictins” station

images from the internet

Culinary specialities: 

In Limoges, the culinary specialities are:

The foie-gras the crickets, which are pork-butcheries

–          the “bréjaude” : vegetable and bacon soup

–          the “bouriquette” : soup with eggs and the sorrel

–          the black pudding with sweet chestnuts

–          the potato pie

–          Boletus to apples

–          “Clafoutis of the Limousin” : cake with cherries

–          the madeleines  “Bijou”

The specific products of Limoges are beef, the pig “black bottom ”, the sorrel, the sweet chestnut, the potato, the apple and the bilberry, etc…


Limoges has a team of basketball very famous: the CSP, playing at a very good level (Pro A), and whish was champion of France in 2012.


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