The class by Emilie Gazut

We are the class of 4ème5 in the college Bernard de Ventadour, in Limoges, in France. In this class, we are twenty-eight students and we participate in a European project, as you. There are twelve girls and sixteen boys.

Our head teacher is Mrs Lyps. She is an English teacher.

We learn Spanish since this year.

In our class, there is a very good atmosphere and we get along very well.

We have eleven subjects and some have two additional subjects: European English and Latin. We always bring our books and we must wait until the teacher asks us to sit. We must listen to the teacher and do our homework and learn our lessons. Sometimes, we work with computers.

We start at eight o’clock and we finish at five o’clock on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. On Wednesdays, we finish at twelve o’clock for lunch..

Emilie Gazut


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