LIMOGES!!! by Zoé Mézerette

Hi!!! My friends and I think that everybody in the world knows Limoges because of our china   (。◕‿◕。) It’s a joke of course !!!

                                                                                                              Now I will really speak about Limoges. It’s a little town in the centre of France, in the countryside; it is the capital of Haute-Vienne department. The country is very green because it often rains particularly in spring and autumn. But in summer it can be very hot. In winter sometimes it snows 😀

                                                                          The City Hall
There are a lot of fields and forests and rivers. The Vienne (a river) crosses the town so there are a lot of bridges very old or very new. From the cathedral, we can see a beautiful landscape: the Vienne, the Old Bridge St Etienne …..

               The Cathedral with St Etienne’s bridge

Eating is very important in our town: every year, in October the third Friday there is a special party: “la frairie des petits ventres”. It takes place in an old area in the centre, La Boucherie, and people come to eat our specialties: pork, meat pie, clafoutis …

   “Frairies des petits ventre ”

Two sports are popular in Limoges: rugby and Basket ball. In the years 8O’s our basket team was very famous in Europe: its name is “Limoges Cercle Saint  Pierre” or CSP.


Some views from Limoges:

  Bénédictin Station



Old Houses




(images from the internet)


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