Limoges by Hugo Soulier

Hello my name’s Hugo Soulier , I’m thirteen years old and I live in Limoges.

Limoges is a city in France, in the region of Limousin (south-west of France) . There are nearly 300 000 inhabitants in  Great Limoges.

The speciality of Limoges is the porcelain , very famous in the world :

This city has a very popular basketball club : the CSP , champion of France 2012 (in pro B) and champion of Europe in 1984.

Limoges is a university town (with many disciplines).

Limoges is also the ‘’town of art and history’’ and the town hall is a historic symbol.


The Town Hall

But the most popular (in the world), is the ‘’Limousine’’ : a cow which is famous for its meat which is delicious….

images from the internet

Hugo Soulier


One Response

  1. Beloved Hugo, thank you for your informative writting and nice pictures.
    As Turkish school, we loved you very much and we miss all of you. We are looking forward to seeing or visiting you in May, 2013!

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