Limoges cuisine by Estelle Coulaudou

 The French cuisine is sheduled in world patrimony of UNESCO. It is very varied. The specialities change in each region.

The most famous are :

  • The meat liver (often at christmas)
  • The breast
  • The sauce foods

In Limousin,we make a lot of clafoutis (with cherries, apples or prunes) and chestnut cakes.

In Alsace:onions tart

In Bretagne:Pancakes

In southwest of France : Cassoulet dish

In Provence:Fish soup.

A lot of famous grands chefs in the world are french : Alain Ducasse, Joel Robuchon, Cyril Lignac…

The France is also famous for the baking, more particulary for the baguettes and croissants.

We can’t speak about french cook without speaking of french wine that is exported in the whole of word . It is sometimes copied but never equaled !!



Cassoulet dish


Baguette and croissant

Estelle Coulaudou

images from the internet


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