An amazing city

Murcia is an amazing city. There is a sardine’s statue in the middle of the river, it could be quite strange but it has an explanation: one of the most traditional festivals in Murcia is “The burial of the Sardine”, it is a march-past where throw toys to the public and, in the end, we burn a statue of a sardine.  There are anothers typical festivities like the “Bando de la huerta” or “Moros y cristianos”.

If you want to go out, you should go to the city center; all of teenagers get out with theirs friends there. They normally go to Glorieta square, it is always full of skaters, or, if you prefer to take a break, relax, eat something and meet people you can go to Sto Domingo. After you can go to the pubs area to dance and have fun. But if you really want to spend all night dancing and having party you should go to Atalayas (the discotheques zone).  At mornings you could go sightseeing. The most important monuments in our city are the Cathedral, the Casino and the Salzillo’s museum. One of the best things is that tourist area and pubs zone are both in the city center so, you can go out with your friends and go sightseeing at the same time.

My school is in one of the most typical places of Murcia: the garden of Malecon. It’s a gorgeous garden where are smalls shops called “hippies”, in fact, they looks like a street market where you can buy rings, bracelets, earrings, t-shirts or something like that. My school, Maristas, is a beautiful building. It looks like an old mansion. We have fun in there and most of the teachers are nice, but they are quite strict.

There is always hot in Murcia, so people usually go to the beach almost all of the year. There are lovely beach in Murcia, and there are nearly of the capital-just half an hour. I recommended you to visit some of them, if you have time


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