Murcia is a small and nice city placed to the south of Spain and characterized overcoat for his good temperature and his agreeable climate. From her it would distinguish buildings and monuments as the Cathedral or the town hall, which attract to the majority of the tourism.


Also we possess nice parks and gardens, malls placed to the suburbs of the city, our theatre Romea, and many places for entertainment of the young persons.



And in my opinion, first of all estan our precious beaches, The Sleeve of the minor sea is probably them more known, and to visit her it would take all to us to a good experience.


As for the holidays, we possess some special that alone give each other in our autonomous community, such as the burial of the sardine or the decree of the garden, in them both children and young women enjoy together with his friends or family, are a part of our tradition


Speaking now about our college, Maristas La Merced, I have to say that it is one of the best college of Murcia, account with very good facilities and facilities for all his pupils, besides a good level and preparation for our future. I feel very proud to have studied almost quite my life in him, and say to you that if you have been chosen to come here a few days you have been lucky, you are going to live through the only experience and I assure you that it will be worth it. We, the murcianos, you acogeremos as if you were in your house.



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