Murcia, my dream city

Hello, my name’s María José Ros Medina, I’m sixteen years old. I’m a student of the school Maristas “La Merced-Fuensanta” and I live in the city of Murcia.

Murcia isn’t of the most biggest cities of Spain, the opposite, Murcia is of the most small , but in my opinion Murcia is the best because here the temperatures aren’t very low and the rain isn’t a big problem for anybody because here doesn’t usually rain a lot.

In Murcia we can enjoy with precious artworks like the Cathedral or many museums of like the Salzillo Museum, where the Catholic works perform by Francisco Salzillo are exposed, and his thrones of Easter week that go out to the street every holy Friday in the morning.

In Murcia, formerly, the market garden was abundant, now a days we usually celebrate “El Bando de la Huerta”, where young and adults dress with the typical costumes. We celebrate the famous parade of the sardine too and after we burn it.

But in my opinion the gastronomy is the best: the desserts like “paparajotes” or “doughnuts” and the foods like sausages, blood sausages or “zarangollo”.

Here, like in any other Spanish cities, we usually take a snack before eating and after we usually get some rest, we sleep “siesta”. This is typical Spanish action.

In this city there are beautiful beaches like “Mazarrón” or “Los Narejos”. But in special “La Manga”. It’s a beach uncommon because It’s between the Mediterranean sea and the small sea or “Mar Menor”.

People here are very nice.

Now I’m going to speak about my school.

As I’ve said previously, my school’s name is Maristas “La Merced-Fuensanta”. It’s He is formed by two educational venues. A headquarters is located fence of the famous Plaza Circular of Murcia (Headquarters Fuensanta) and the other is located in the well-known “Paseo del Malecón” and fence of the river of our city, Segura river (Headquarters La Merced), where I’m studying. This building was built during the Sapnish Civil War with the function of exercising like a Hospital for the wounded.


The Brotherhood Marista was founding by San Marcelino Champagnat, and he arrived to Murcia in 1903 with the intention of form us like good Christians and honored citizens. Today, they have already been more than 100 years performs this function.

This is Murcia and my school. I hope you will visit us very soon. Kisses.

The end.


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