The best city of Murcia

Hi, my name is Miguel López Asís, I,m 15 years old and I´m from Murcia.

Murcia is  the capital and the most populous city of the autonomous Community of Murcia. Murcia is in the southeastof Spain. If you want know were is Murcia, you can see in this photo.


In Murcia there are a lot of monumento like the catedral, and a lot of museums.


An in Murcia there are a lot of good and beautyfuls beaches, and the small sea.


We haf got in Murcia our football team, Real Murcia with a new condomin stadium, and a basketball team, c.d.Murcia.

If do you want practice Sports you havr got a lot of facilities for do Sports. You can practice Sports like football, tennis, etc

And a lot of sports in the sea like windsurf, kitesurf, mailing, etc



Murcia has got a very good gastronomity, winth foods like paella, and deserts like paparajotes.


In Murcia we have got a famous placer tennis, Almagro.

It starts at Santiago Pontones (province of Jaén), passes Calasparra, Cieza, Murcia, Beniaján, Orihuela, Rojales and ends in the Mediterranean Sea near Guardamar del Segura in the province of Alicante.

We have gota very important port in the city of Cartagena.

In my opinion , Murcia is a very beautiful city, and if you want have fun, you have to visit us.

And at the end I want talk you about my school. Maristas is a very beautiful school in Murcia.

In the school there are a lot of good teachers, and is a old and beautiful building.

The end


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