Murcia (by Lola)

Written by: Lola Garcia Fernandez.
I am talking about the beautiful city of Murcia, is a city located in
the southeast of Spain of the Iberian Peninsula, has a warm climate
with hot summers and mild winters. The capital of the Region of Murcia
Murcia, and has other important cities such as Cartagena, Lorca and
Murcia, like any city, has some celebrations that are in early April,
just after Easter, so the Murcia have another week of vacation, and
the most important festival is the parade in which people often Murcia
huertanos dress and eating a typical city, in the barracks that
organize different clubs in the city.There are many dishes in Murcia,
meatloaf, salad Murcia, paparajotes ...
Murcia has several sites commonly known as the Cathedral of Santa
Maria, which was consecrated in 1465, and one of its curiosities is
that in the chancel is the sepulchral urn where lie the heart and guts
of Alfonso X the Wise. It also has many squares and gardens, as the
square of the flowers, the garden of silk ... and as every city also
has shopping centers, the two most important are "La Nueva  Condomina"
and "El Tather".

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  1. Thanks to everyone for informations about Murcia.We are so excited about this project as turkish school btw I would be glad if someone contact me from there it’s good to getting know each others before coming there 🙂

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