Murcia: My beautiful city

Written by Jorge López Zapata

Hi,  my name is Jorge,  I’m fifteen years old and I’m from Murcia, a small city on the southwest of Spain. I go to a religious school called Maristas. Let me explain to you some aspects about the city.


The city of  Murcia is the most important town of  the autonomous community of the same name,  between  Andalucia and Valencia, and near the Mediterranean coast.



Iberian paleolitic and neolitic cultures, ancient greeks,  carthaginians and romans lived here and we have lots of his cultural legacy in monuments such  Cartagena roman theatre in Carthago-Nova. After the moorish domination Murcia Kingdom was a “taifa” and finally became a part of Castilla territory.

Places of interest:

I like the cathedral because its magnificent Baroque style and the beautiful Glorieta square where I and my friends usually practice  skateboarding.  Moreover if you are hungry after sports there are a lot of  typical murcian restaurants to enjoy tasty foods ( My favourite restaurant is called Pepico del Tio Ginés, where you can try lots of little bread with ham, blue cheese, tuna and   chorizo…).

The Cathedral

typical murcian tapas

Maristas School:

In  1903 Maristas congregation arrived to Murcia and la Merced was opened in 1925 having excellent academic results in different generations of students.

Maristas  la Merced in 1927

I hope that you can visit my town and enjoy of our culture, gastronomy and know our way of life.


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