My city, Murcia is situated in the northeast of Spain in the region of Murcia. In this region, as well as Murcia, this beautiful city, we have another one, Cartagena.

Murcia is small city crossed by a river, the Segura river. Although it is a small city we can find great monuments like the baroque cathedral, situated next to the town hall.

In our city there are different free time places. We have shopping centers, situated in the outskirts of the city. These are Thader and Nueva Condomina. But people also go to the Santo Domingo area.

Regarding sports, our city has also a lot to offer. We have a basketball team in the ACB, a football team in Second division and an inside soccer team which in the best in the world, El Pozo.

The weather in our region is usually warm, although in the months of December, January and February it is especially cold.

To end up with I would like to talk to you about my school, Maristas La Merced-Fuensanta. It is divided in two buildings. One that goes from primary to second year of ESO, and the other, where I am, which goes form third year of ESO to Second year at school before going to University.


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