What do you know about Murcia?

Hi readers, I´m España a Maristas´student.
In this blog I´m going to speak you about the environment of Murcia because is a very beautiful and friendly city.

First I want to show a map of Murcia because a lot of people don´t know where is it.

murcia map


My city is surrounded by mountains so it has got a nice landscape. Some mountains that we can see: la cresta del gallo, sierra de carrascoy, colmbares, altaona, etc.

Huerta de murcia
We can also point out the plain of Murcia, which reflects the oldest and rustic life. This atmosphere is much more welcoming because it is full of traditional families with homes near their crops, thanks to this we have these so fresh and natural landscapes.

Observe large number of lemons, vegetables and mulberry.
huerta de murcia

The weather
If you go to Murcia you will enjoy great weather. The average temperature is 18ºC, but in summer is too hot.

Monuments and places of interest
When you are in Murcia don´t forget to see La Catedral de Santa María (the cathedral). It´s very important and it has different architectural influences: Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance, but especially Ghotic.
The cathedral has the second highest bell tower in Spain, after Sevilla.

Apart from the cathedral we can speak of the famous Glorieta that has long been the center of Murcia and the plaze of Santa Isabel which is perfect for meeting up with friends and go shopping on the Gran Via.

The plaza of Santo Domingo is the meeting point more appreciated by Murcianos where you can go to pubs at night and of course walking the streets of rags and silverware while eating an ice-cream.
santo domingo

If you want to enjoy the theater can also do in el Teatro Romea, for dance and interpret el Conservatorio de arte dramático y Danza. And to enjoy a luxurious casino entertainment.
teatro romea

Students have secured some studies in the universities of Murcia. Can be public or private.

There are a lot of museum and festival, the most famous SOS 4.8, but you can´t miss the festivitis:

  • Semana Santa. Murcia is filled with processions and give away candy to young and old.

semana santa

  • Fiestas de primavera. Held the week following Easter Sunday. Throughout the week there are concerts and parades and rocks huertanas installed in the gardens of the city calls “barracks” where you can taste the local cuisine. Among the many acts include, on Tuesday, the Bando de la Huerta and Saturday the Burial of the Sardine, both declared of International

bando de la huerta
entierro de la sardina

  • Feria de septiembre. There are a lot of attractions and everybody eat the famous corncob.

feria de murcia

Now it’s time to talk about food in Murcia, something very important. All conoceres the Mediterranean diet, consisting of: paella, pisto, rabbit with potatoes, Murcia´s salad, ham, migas, paparajotes, pastel de cierva, gypsy pot, zarangollo and more. As you see we care pretty well, all accompanied by a good wine.
olla gitana

More information in region de murcia
I hope you learned more about Murcia and you’re willing to come.  You will be very well received.KISS


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