My city

Hello, my name is Bárbara and I’m 15. I live in the outskirts of Murcia, in a small village called Churra.

It is around fifteen minutes far from my school, called Maristas. Maristas is a very big and old school in the center of Murcia. Murcia is in the southeast of Spain, so the climate is great, warm and sunny nearly the hole year, and it hardly ever rains, so the sky is always blue and clear. River Segura is very near to my school, it’s the most important river (and the only one, I think) in the city, though it’s very polluted and there isn’t a lot of water in it. But, anyway, we love it.

In Murcia people is quite nice and welcoming, food is awsome and there are beautyful old buildings, for example my school. In Maristas I study English, Biology, ICT, Chemistry… but my favourite subject is Maths because I’m very good at it and I don’t need to study.

We don’t have a uniform, we can wear the clothes we want, but there are strict rules about it.

There are classes, a playground, a library, a gym, some laboratories and a car park where teachers and pupils can park their cars, motorbikes and bikes.murciamaristas


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