My city.

By Cristina Molero Salvatierra 4º F
Hello, I’m going to show you how is the school, how is Murcia and some of the places and festivals that take place here.

Murcia is at the southeast of Spain between Valencia and Andalucía. It’s near the Mediterranean sea cost, the weather is very hot in summer. Murcia is one of the most visited places in Spain because of the beach. It has around 442.203 habitants. You can visit many places like the cathedral, it was built in the S.XIV, is also has a tall bell tower of 93 metres being the second tower more tallest of Spain with 27 bells that announces the big and terrible arrivals of the Segura river. You can also visit some places like theatres, like the Romea and museums like the arqueological museum, the art gallery or the water and science museum.
There also some festivals such as the international three cultures m festival, this festival was created to supersed the racism Semana Santa is another festival in which the processions go through the streets and some of the people that participate on then give candies to the rest people, the more famous are Los Moraos and Los Coloraos. The spring festival consists in celebrate the next week of Semana Santa to the Saturday resurrection. During that week are lots of concerts and other activities, like the Bando de la Huerta and the Entierro de la Sardina . The September fair is like the name says in September and it includes La Romería and a fair.
If you want to go shopping you can go to different shopping centres some of them are the Nuva Condomina, Thader, El Tiro and La Noria Murcia Outlet Shopping , in the three first shopping centres you can go the cinema, you can also go to eat something or play in different places.

Now I’m going to talk you about the school:
The school name is Maristas La Merced-Fuensanta and is near the centre of Murcia, it has three floors and a little tower at the top. In my opinion is a beautiful school and the sight is very nice from the little tower at the top, you can see a big part of Murcia. There are a lot of students and teachers very nice. It has a big playground and lots of different classes of computers and drawing an there are two chapels.
The school opened in Murcia in May, 1903 but without many students and subjects. The name of the school was “House of the Cross”. The sculptor was Salzillo that placed the school in the avenue Frutos Baeza.
With more students each year the school started in an old house until 1913, because they had to translate to another place, Palacio del Conde Roche. They will stay there until 1927, in that time it was considerate a religious place and were important people live.
During the Spanish Civil War the school turned into a blood hospital and a militar hospital. When the conflict finished the Maristas brother recovered the school again.

I hope you liked the history and when you came to Murcia you like it.


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