Murcia is one of the best places to live in Spain ,not everything in Spain is crisis, Spain has very nice places, but Murcia in my opinion is one of the most beautiful cities in spain. Murcia is situated in the South-East of Spain, is one of the regions most dry and arid country.
Situation of Murcia
The murcian customs are international tourist and very nice, the spring festivals with the Entierro De La Sardina, festivals of September with the Bando De La Huerta…

                                                                    ENTIERRO DE LA SARDINA

The murcian people are very nice and so friendly, we get well on every people, independently her gender, her colorcast, etc… In Murcia the are so bars, in my opinion they got the best food in the world, one of the most tipical food in Murcia are the blood sausage and the murcian salad, the meat cake and the best dessert are the paparajote.

Murcia´s sport are good, but we aren´t the best. Murcia have a great buildings to play sports, in Murcia we can play Tennis, football, do swimming, gymnastics… You have to visit Murcia, we are waiting you.


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