Murcia City

By Claudia Gimenez Campillo

Murcia is a city of Spain,it is in the south.


It has 442.203 people.Murcia occupies the 7th place in the list of municipalities in Spain by population.

Murcia has got a river, river’s name is Segura .


The weather is warm.Normaly it is hot and it is sun.

Murcia are famous spring festivals .In bando de la huerta,  people dress in “huertano” and they go to park to eat and drink.

People have a good time.

Other party is “entierro de la sardina”.People drees in sardinero and they go around the street giving a lot of different things: toys,balls,pending etc

At  nigth there is a parade,it is very beautiful.

The typical food of murcia comes from the orchads: tomato, murcia’s sald,migas,sausages,black pudding,potatoes etc.

The tipcal dessert is paparajotes .

The cathedral is the most important monument of Murcia.It is very big and beautiful,it was building in 1465.

There is a very famous theater , Romea .

Other famous monument is Malecon . Malecon is our school,it is very old .It was bulding in 1936.It is a religious school ,it is a part of a religious congregation founded by Marcelino Champagnat.

It was a bording school but now we stard school at 8 and finish at 15 on Mondays and the rest days we start school at 8 and finish at 14:30.

There are a lot of partys,for example ¨Santo Tomas De Aquino” in this party the students participate in a lot of competitions : football,quiz, twistter,costumes etc.
We cook a barbacue or paella and we eat at the school.
This is a paella

This is a barbacue

In this party we have a good time it’s very funny.

It is a very good school, teachers are very concerned with the students.

I like very much.


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