Murcia city

Murcia I think is the most beautiful city in the world because I was born in Murcia.In Murcia there is a river which name is Segura river

There are a lot of different monuments in Murcia.
The most important munument in the city is the cathedral. It was building in 1394.1465.

At week we go to school. Our school is Malecon and it is another monument of the city.

I think our school is the best school of Murcia beacuse it has got a lot of good teachers and it is strict.

The school organizes a lot of different activities like excursions, competicions and parties.

Some fridays people go to discos and they dance and have a good time with their friends. When people don’t go to discos they go out around the city. They go to places like Santo Domingo.

Murcia is famous in Spain because there are a lot of parties. The most popular party is Bando de la Huerta.


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