Murcia, a wonderful city


Spain is a very cultural country with a lot of important and beautiful historic monuments, for instance:

the sacred familly.jpg   The Sacred Familly  Burgos Cathedral  The Giralda  The Alhambra

Spain is also very famous for its bull fightings, which are the best in the world


Murcia is a little and beautifull city at the Southeast of Spain.                                 

It is famous for its beaches, which are some of the best in Europe mainly because of the heat , but in Murcia there are a lot of other things , like monuments:   Monteagudo’s Christ                               Murcia Cathedral

Murcia has also a lot of museums where you can see our typical traditions and public hollidays, like “El Bando de la Huerta”. I hope this will help you to know Murcia a bit more and so that you will feel like at home here


By Jose Antonio Ayala Martí


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