Murcia is a modest city in the southeast of Spain, It is nier to the Beach and the weather is warm. Murcia is a valley surrounded by mountains and there are a lot of old remains, it is also quite interesting and amazing   monuments, it can be found in many leisure activities murcia typical Spanish and murcia have the best regional and national festivals.



Between Murcia festivals we highlight Estrella Levante SOS offers in its live music lineup also offers other fields such as contemporary art and reflection, El Entierro de la sardina during the Spring Festival, whose main event is a parade of floats that culminates with the burning of the sardine on the Saturday after Easter and we will now refer to the best party of Murcia for my taste:


El Bando de la huerta The celebration begins with Mass Huertana against the Baroque facade of the cathedral, which is a colorful procession with the image of the Virgin of Fuensanta, patron of the city. Meanwhile, parks and plazas are being slowly invaded by the crowd, who wanders from side to side, tasting bars and rods in street (arranged for the occasion) the food typical of the area. Youngsters get together to make “botelleo” allowed on this day  and In the afternoon, tour the city Parade Bando de la Huerta.

 And finally we talk about sports teams murcia: We have a football team playing in the second division and is the team with the most points scored in the second division and play in the new cpndomina which is one of the best stadiums in Spain for my taste, up to 35.000 and was built in 2006,and finally  we also have a basketball team that plays in the first division and we have many sports rugby futsal omo …ImageImage


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