Written by Ester Torres Alonso:

Hi, my name is Ester, I know you are going to came to Murcia. I guess you must be so nervous and I’m going to try to explain you a lot of things about my city and my school, so, Let’s start!

If I were abroad I would like to know what the weather like, what interesting activities I would be able to doand if there woul be any museums…

-The weather in murcia is wonderful.In summer it is hot but there are beaches where you can swim and have fun with your friends.

La Manga del Mar Menor.
In spring and autum you don’t need to wear any jumper or jackets. And finally in winter, the weather is nice youonly  need to take a long sleeve shirt and a jacket and you are ready to go!If we are lucky, it’ll snow up at the mountaintop.

Pico Revolcadores, the highest mountain in Murcia.
We’ve a very important traditional festival,wich is name”El bando de la huerta”.It’s a wonderful festival, where in first place you meet whit your friends and then you go to eat with your family. Normally  girls and boys’re dressed  with a tipical costume.

I’m going to tell you about the most interesting and amazing monuments you can visit in Murcia. It’s  the cathedral. Murcia’s cathedral is between Gothic and Baroque style, placed in the heart of Murcia. It’s gorgeusl and enormus.

The cathedral.


Now, I’m going to introduce you some characteristics about my school.It’s a old building.It was founded as a school and then during the Civil War was use as a hospital  but nowadays is the best place to study and to be with your friends.

The school.

I’m looking forward seeing you.


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