Hi guys I hope spend a good  time here. And today I am going to write  about my city but i can not say all of my city because if you want to know all about Murcia you will have to come visit.

It is a nice city and you can do a lot of  sport like football, beisbol, hockey, rugby, basketball, handball… and you also can visit very interesting museum and monuments like the cathetral, the Salzillo´s museum…
Place of Murcia
Murcia has got a lot of  local parties:

  • Christmas, in christmas whole city is decorated with chirstmas trees, belenes…


  •   Easter, Murcia has got a very beautiful tradition, and in that tradition the Nazarenos (penitents) give you sweets.


  • Carnaval, this party is not in the city center, this is in a district


  • Spring parties, this parties revolve around two big parties: El bando de la huerta and El entierro de la sardina .And there are concerts, children´s workshops… too

El entierro de la sardina

El bando de la huerta

Murcia has got a local dance and a local clothes too.
local clothes

Click here to watch a video

This is the end of my first blog `MURCIA´ I hope that you have enjoyed it. I see you soon.  Kisses.


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